Monday, July 27, 2009

About Chinmaya

Chinmaya M. Rao
e-mail :
Cell : 9449911590 Or 9535585270

Educational Qualification :

�� B.B.M. & M.B.A. from Mysore University.
�� Junior and Senior Grade in Carnatic Music
Music Teachers :
�� Junior Grade Music training at Sagar from Srimathi .
�� Senior Grade Music training at Shimoga from Vidwan H.S. Nagaraj
�� Senior Grade Music training at Mysore from V.R.S. Nandakumar
�� Senior Grade Music training at Bangalore from V.K.G. Ramaswamy
�� Presently I am undergoing my music training from Vidwan Ananth Hosalli and Vidwan Janaradhan ( Mrudanga)

Interest in Literature:

�� I am writing devotional songs to the journal ‘ Manjuvani’ published from Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala,
�� When I wrote my first romantic poem it was endorsed , instilled by the editor of Manina Vasane a Kannada journal. Which has created me suitable podium for my feelings.
�� My first poem composition by name " Vishwa chethana" was published at 73rd All India Kannada Sahitya Sammelan.
�� First Short poems composition by name Aridrada Hanigalu was published.
�� I am penning to all the noted journals and magazines, newsletters.

Accomplishments in Musical Field :

�� In the year 2004 with self inspiration I wrote lyrics in Sanskrit about Godess of Vardahalli. Which was made C.D. in my musical direction and also I sang for the first time. The same has been brought to the market by Lahari Company in the name "An ineffable soul"

�� In the year 2005 the second C.D. " Bhakthi Abhishek " was brought to the market, under my music and lyrics. The specialty of these C.D. is that the play back singers were the Maestros of South Indian Musical Industry like P. Unnikrsihnan, Madhu Balakrishnan and M.D.Pallavi
�� In the year 20006 my 3rd C.D. " Bhakti Vandana" was brought by Lahari Company the devotional lyrics were written by renowned Kannda writer Ni.Na Madhyastha and musical direction was done by me. But fortunately I met the one of the Maestro of the Music world Dr. S.P. Balasubramanyam, who whole heartedly endorsed the amateur director as like me and he added his deep melody to this CD.
�� In the year 2007 C.D. " Sharanam Sharnam Aiyappa " was released , S.P. Balasubramanyam again added his melody by singing 2 songs under my music and lyrics
�� In the year 2008 I installed a Small studio in my residence from that I recorded Soundharya Lahari., in my voice and with the narration of Vidwan G.S. Ganapathi Bhat, Shimoga. It was released by Geethashi Audio, Bangalore.
�� My first Light Music Album "Bhavapayana" was released in the same year. Play back singers : Dr. S.P. Balasubramanyam, M.D. Pallavi .
�� In present year under my music and lyrics a Devotional Album " Sri Gururaya" on His Holiness Sri Raghavendra Swamiji , Mantralyam. Playback singers : Rajesh Krishnan, M.D. Pallavi. The Same was released in Telugu Language.
�� In present year under my music direction first kids Album " Bannada Chitte" was recorded and the lyrics by renowned Kannada Novelist Dr. Na D’souza.

�� As being a Classical Musician my prime motto is to transfer the classical tradition to next generation in categorical way.
�� To mesmerize the general public in vast by rendering the music and lyrics of devotional songs, light music and film songs.
�� To Improve my studio and give the opportunity to the rural talents.